Sunday, July 22, 2007

The possibility for Saturn hexagon mechanism

Saturn south pole enlarged.

Saturn south pole evidence.

Saturn north pole hexa-helical-vortex.

You'll be able to inspire something from this Japanese page.

A nice present from NASA JUNO

In Saturn and Jupiter, both the size and the magnetic force of polar regions differ greatly, of course, the sun is the strongest in the stars around us.

I told that when the axis number of the pipe axis is compounded, energy flows in a pipe shape, the example in this figure is the initial state.

I can not find it unless I often search for it, but the fact that a helical torus fragment is photographed means that Jupiter's atmosphere moves up and down and it mixes well.

Still another point, although some white spots like the center of the vortex can be seen, depending on the viewpoint, these can be regarded as the needle point of Space 5th-Urchin.

In Jupiter it is a phenomenon in both polar regions, but in the sun it seems that the center of such a vortex is scattered throughout the surface.

I have not forgotten that the earth lived long between the sun and Jupiter giants.      -Fatacy in Helical bulge


I got a question from someone and I will explain it

The helical torus is a model often used in mathematics in which the secondary phase of the donut shape is further twisted.

The torus can freely deform to the minimum or maximum in the gauge space, and furthermore paired while considering space symmetry is called a dual torus, in this case the two torus are point symmetric.

Well, it is an explanation that part of the twisted part which is similar to the helical torus appears to dig into the magnetic field lines from Jupiter's poles.

In Jupiter size it does not seem to be an Alfvén wave twisted from N pole to S pole like the sun.

However, there seems to be a difference in the intensity of the magnetic force lines even in the N pole or the S pole, and the helical torus exemplified seems to be becoming a pipe shape.

It seems that the lines of magnetic force like white poles or the center of a small vortex are just before forming a pipe. - Fatacy Dual Torus 

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